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Bourbon Bacon Pecan SalmonBourbon Bacon Pecan Salmon

November 12, 2021November 12, 2021
Bourbon Bacon Pecan Salmon with some Buffalo Trace

Bourbon Bacon Pecan Salmon for a sweet, savory, and nutty way to enjoy your next salmon filet. This salmon is smoked on top of orange slices, brushed with a Buffalo Trace bourbon glaze, topped with a Bourbon Prime pecan crust and garnished with a bit of parsley. Enjoy all the mouth watering deliciousness in a […]

Baked Wood Plank SalmonBaked Wood Plank Salmon

October 22, 2020October 22, 2020
Baked Wood Plank Salmon

You’ve seen us cook leaning salmon before, but how about some Baked Wood Plank Salmon! A new take on a familiar favorite, this cedar planked recipe one is definitely worth a try!    Sponsored by Cowboy Charcoal   Baking Salmon on a Wood Plank   We’re all comfortable with smoking or grilling, but have you […]