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Smoked Birria BurgersSmoked Birria Burgers

June 8, 2022June 8, 2022
Smoked Birria Burgers assembled and ready to devour.

Get ready to pile high this Smoked Birria Burger with plenty of slowly braised chile beef and chopped herbs. Piles of napkins are recommended as you dip the burger in rich consomme before every single bite.  Post Contributed by Brad Prose   Pile it High   Braising beef for birria takes quite a while to […]

Birria Baked PotatoBirria Baked Potato

February 2, 2022February 2, 2022
Birria Baked Potato Recipe

We all have fallen in love with birria, but what if we made it all on an Idaho Baked Potato? This Birria Baked Potato recipe is straight up fire, and the perfect meal to impress a massive amount of friends. Braised beef short rib simmering in chile paste and beef broth until falling off the […]