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Honey Cajun Smoked Lobster TailsHoney Cajun Smoked Lobster Tails

February 18, 2022February 18, 2022
Honey Cajun Smoked Lobster Tails before being pulled from the smoker.

Today I’m partnering up with QALO and making some Honey Cajun Smoked Lobster Tails. These are the definition of great seafood. They’re incredibly tender thanks to the smoker, and insanely flavorful thanks to a homemade cajun seasoning blend. They’re also finished off with a three-ingredient honey butter glaze because all savory meals need a little […]

Garlic Butter Steak and ShrimpGarlic Butter Steak and Shrimp

January 31, 2022January 31, 2022
Garlic Butter Steak and Shrimp Recipe

This Garlic Butter Steak and Shrimp is the ultimate meat lover’s meal. Juicy ribeye steaks and shrimp are pan-seared in homemade garlic herb butter.   Who knew that steak and shrimp could be this good together? This one-pan meal will satisfy a craving you didn’t know you had!   Garlic Herb Butter for Garlic Butter […]

Venison Rack with Wild Herb ButterVenison Rack with Wild Herb Butter

July 9, 2021July 9, 2021
Venison Rack with Wild Herb Butter

Venison Rack with Wild Herb Butter for some familiar flavors on a new protein. If you’re a hunter, this recipe is for you! If you’re not a hunter, good news because you can now get venison delivered to your door from reputable online meat companies. Therefore this recipe is also for you! So, with that, […]

Fire Baked OystersFire Baked Oysters

December 28, 2020December 28, 2020
fire baked oysters

My father-in-law has been an oyster lover his whole life. Over the past few years, he has been slowly showing me some of his favorite ways to enjoy oysters. While the oyster purist might cringe at cooking them, I can assure you that this Fire Baked Oyster recipe does them justice. Try it out! And […]

Herb Butter NY StripHerb Butter NY Strip

August 3, 2017August 3, 2017
herb butter ny strip

Have you ever wanted to get the fancy steakhouse flavor at home but did not know how? Here is your answer: butter. Butter truly does make everything better and that includes cast iron cooked steak. Below you will find my recipe for homemade Herb Butter. This amazing recipe will have you lathering your steak in Herb […]