Episode 1: Cooking Venison w/Danielle Prewett from Wild & Whole

Synopsis: Derek Wolf of Over the Fire Cooking shows Danielle Prewett of Wild + Whole how to build the ideal fire to cook venison medallions with a Buffalo Trace glaze, served with asparagus, prosciutto and golden potatoes.

Episode 2: Cooking Lamb w/Porter Road Butcher's Chris Carter

Synopsis: Great meals start with great meat. Derek Wolf of Over the Fire Cooking learns how to break down a lamb from Chris Carter of Porter Road Butcher shop in Nashville, then Derek shows Chris how to cook a hanging lamb leg, lamb t-bones and lamb ribs with fried potatoes and broccolini over a fire.

Episode 3: Forging a Knife w/Jared Thatcher from Boothill Blades

Synopsis: A chef’s best friend is his knife. Derek Wolf of Over the Fire Cooking learns how to forge, grind and polish a knife from Jared Thatcher of Boothill Blades in Lafayette, Kentucky. Derek returns the favor by showing Jared how to build open fires with coal to cook New York Strip steaks with his chipotle garlic rub, sweet potatoes, blistered tomatoes, arugula and parmesan cheese.

Episode 4: Cooking a Feast w/Harlen Wheatley at Buffalo Trace

Synopsis: Derek Wolf from Over the Fire Cooking welcomes Buffalo Trace Distillery Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley to cook a special dinner at the Distillery for previous guests Danielle Prewett, Chris Carter and Jared Thatcher. The pair cooks skirt steaks and chorizo sausages, garlic and bacon potatoes and hanging pineapple.

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