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Chimichurri and Cheese Stuffed Picanha
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Chimichurri and Cheese Stuffed Picanha

I love topping picanha with some fresh chimichurri sauce, so how about throwing some cheese in the mix for a stuffed picanha? Well, I did it and it was delicious!
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time2 hours 30 minutes
Total Time3 hours
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Argentinian
Servings: 6 People
Author: Derek Wolf



  • 1 Whole Picanha
  • 2 tbsp of Gaucho Steakhouse or similar
  • 1.5 cups of Mozzarella Cheese shredded


  • 2 tbsp of Parsley chopped
  • 1.5 tbsp of Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1.5 tbsp of Olive Oil
  • 1 tbsp of Scallions chopped
  • 1 tsp of Red Chili Flakes
  • 1 tsp of Kosher Salt
  • 1 tsp of Black Pepper
  • 4 Garlic Cloves minced


  • Preheat a medium-low fire in your smoker (around 250F). Add some mesquite wood chunks for added smoke flavor if desired.
  • In a bowl, mix together the ingredients for the Chimichurri. Add that to a bowl with the shredded mozzarella and blend together thoroughly. Get out your picanha and make a pocket in the middle of the meat that goes all the way down to the point with 1/2 inch of meat as cushion on the sides. Stuff the picanha with the cheese & chimichurri mixture until there is no room left. Using toothpicks, seal the opening. Score the fat cap and lather the picanha in my Gaucho Steakhouse seasoning or similar. Set the picanha aside until ready to cook.
  • Add your picanha, fat side up, to the smoker and cook for about 2.5-3 hours or until the internal temperature is 125F. When done, pull it off and let it rest for 7-8 minutes.
  • Preheat another fire for direct grilling at high heat (around 400F).
  • Sear off the picanha with the fat cap side down first for 30 seconds, then flip and sear for another 30 seconds. Pull off when done.
  • Slice into the picanha, serve with more chimichurri if desired and enjoy!