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Grilled Steak PinwheelsGrilled Steak Pinwheels

June 10, 2022June 10, 2022

These Grilled Steak Pinwheels are the perfect 20 minute meal! They’re made with juicy skirt steak layered with basil pesto, salty prosciutto, and provolone cheese, then topped with homemade Charred Scallion Gremolata!  Now, as always, when it comes to cooking over the fire, it’s pretty easy to get your hands dirty. Well, thanks to my […]

Smoked Birria BurgersSmoked Birria Burgers

June 8, 2022June 8, 2022
Smoked Birria Burgers assembled and ready to devour.

Get ready to pile high this Smoked Birria Burger with plenty of slowly braised chile beef and chopped herbs. Piles of napkins are recommended as you dip the burger in rich consomme before every single bite.  Post Contributed by Brad Prose   Pile it High   Braising beef for birria takes quite a while to […]

Huli Huli Chicken WingsHuli Huli Chicken Wings

June 6, 2022June 6, 2022
a large plate piled with huli huli chicken wings and garnished with sesame seeds, sriracha, and cilantro

These Huli Huli Chicken Wings are my take on a traditional Hawaiian dish!   Juicy chicken wings are grilled in a rotisserie basket until tender and smoky, then tossed in a sweet, tangy, and spicy pineapple BBQ sauce.    This incredible summer meal is ready in under an hour and will satisfy all of your […]

Cheesy Patty MeltCheesy Patty Melt

May 30, 2022May 30, 2022
large platter on a table in front of a grill filled with cheesy patty melt sandwiches, fries, and ketchup

This Cheesy Patty Melt is a true handheld delight! It’s made up of juicy, perfectly crispy homemade burger patties topped with three types of melty cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, and diner sauce using the new Primal Kitchen Squeeze Ketchup!    Serve with a side of fries for the perfect burger lover’s meal!    Post Sponsored […]

Brisket Burnt EndsBrisket Burnt Ends

May 25, 2022May 25, 2022
a pile of brisket burnt ends on a plate held next to a smoker

This Brisket Burnt Ends recipe is a two part feast. It starts with a whole Texas Smoked Brisket, then includes a delicious recipe for BBQ burnt ends. Because who doesn’t love to use every last bit of a brisket?   Looking for more brisket recipes? Check out my BBQ Brisket Nachos, Mesquite Peppercorn Lager Smoked […]

Texas Smoked BrisketTexas Smoked Brisket

May 23, 2022May 23, 2022
A close up shot of the sliced Texas Smoked Brisket.

Throughout my grilling and barbecue journey, nothing is more revered than Texas Smoked Brisket. It is like the Holy Grail of good American Barbecue. Why is that? Because it’s really hard to make perfect! Smoking brisket is a feat in itself as it takes anywhere from 12 to 20 hours depending on how intense you […]