Who We Are

Derek Wolf We are a community of fire cooking enthusiasts that want to challenge the status quo of outdoor cooking & fire cooking recipes. Learn more about how we started, our campfire recipes and where we’d like to go below!

Derek first fell in love with fire cooking on my couch watching TV while procrastinating school work in college. While scrolling through the endless list of shows, he found a documentary following a South American chef and his adventures cooking with fire. It was love at first sight. He had to try it himself.

Come join us on a journey as we bring fire, food, and people together!

– Derek Wolf, Founder of Over The Fire Cooking


bourbon and bacon filet mignon

Bourbon & Bacon Filet Mignon

We all want to do something amazing for our loved ones on Valentines Day! Some years that looks like expensive gifts and fancy dinners. But what about this year? If you are like me, then all I really want is us two enjoying a moment that is special. That is why I am sharing a favorite…

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