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Smoked Chorizo QuesoSmoked Chorizo Queso

April 29, 2022April 29, 2022
Smoked Chorizo Queso finished and sitting on the smoker.

And just like that… We’re back with another smoker recipe: Smoked Chorizo Queso. Because I love any excuse to use my Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker.    Smoked Chorizo Queso is rich and creamy, spicy, and loaded with perfectly cooked pork chorizo. Plus, this recipe also includes a super quick and easy homemade guacamole recipe […]

Cheesy Irish Tater TotsCheesy Irish Tater Tots

March 11, 2022March 11, 2022
Cheesy Irish Tater Tots are perfect for sharing!

These Cheesy Irish Tater Tots are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day appetizer! They’re made up of crispy, golden-brown tater tots that are loaded with tender, bite-sized pieces of smoked corned beef, gooey and melty cheddar cheese, and a few delicious toppings!   Prep the Corned Beef for Cheesy Irish Tater Tots   First, pull the […]

Cheesesteak QuesadillaCheesesteak Quesadilla

March 7, 2022March 7, 2022
Cheesesteak Quesadilla ready to be eaten!

This Cheesesteak Quesadilla is made up of all of the best flavors of the classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich but layered in a cheesy, gooey, melty quesadilla.    Perfectly crisped tortillas are packed full of tender strips of seasoned ribeye steak, sliced red bell pepper, onion, melty provolone cheese and cheese whiz, because is it really […]

Skillet ChoriquesoSkillet Choriqueso

October 25, 2021October 25, 2021
Skillet Choriqueso

Skillet Choriqueso coming at you today because, let’s be honest, we all love to chow down on some melted cheese. This, however, is more than just melted cheese. It’s oaxaca cheese with chorizo and beer *cue the Hallelujah chorus*. To top it all off, we’re creating our own pico de gallo as a fresh centerpiece […]

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wings with Melted CheeseGrilled Buffalo Chicken Wings with Melted Cheese

April 1, 2021April 1, 2021
Buffalo Chicken Wings with Melted Cheese

It’s another chicken wing throwdown for today’s recipe. However, this isn’t your typical chicken wings recipe. It’s a Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wings with Melted Cheese recipe! Haven’t tried melted cheese on chicken wings before? Well, let’s just say you’re missing out! Fire up those grills and let’s get cooking!   Buffalo Meets Chicken    This […]

Grilled Steaks and Creamy Chipotle ShrimpGrilled Steaks and Creamy Chipotle Shrimp

February 11, 2021February 11, 2021
Grilled Steaks and Creamy Chipotle Shrimp

What’s on the menu for your Valentine’s Day dinner? Why decide between beef or seafood when you can so easily have them both! Surf and turf gives you the best of both worlds, alas my Grilled Steaks and Creamy Chipotle Shrimp recipe was born cooked over hot Cowboy Charcoal! I paired these beautiful NY Strips […]