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Grilled Mojo ChickenGrilled Mojo Chicken

November 29, 2021November 29, 2021
Grilled Mojo Chicken plated and served.

Grilled Mojo Chicken takes smoked chicken to the next level! I took chicken quarters and placed them in a mojo marinated overnight. What is mojo? Well it’s a fresh, citrus with a spice kind of marinade. I actually poured a small bowl of it on the side before adding the rest to a larger bowl […]

Crispy Orange ChickenCrispy Orange Chicken

September 30, 2021September 30, 2021
Crispy Orange Chicken

 Crispy Orange Chicken going down in the wok and over the flames. I did a shallow fry on these Sweet Teriyaki Sake seasoned chicken thighs (oh hello, my new signature line). We cubed them for the perfect, bit size chicken bits. I could’ve stopped here, but no. The sweet orange chili sauce took it all […]

Roasted Chicken TrompoRoasted Chicken Trompo

July 18, 2021July 18, 2021
Roasted Chicken Trompo

Roasted Chicken Trompo for some delicious tzatziki pita pockets! The best way to level up any meal is by packing it full of some amazing protein. Call me biased, but I’ve found that the best proteins are cooked over an open flame. Inspired by Shawarma, we start by marinating some chicken so I can cook […]

Smoked Hanging ChickenSmoked Hanging Chicken

May 26, 2021May 26, 2021
Smoked Hanging Chicken

Smoked Hanging Chicken in my Oklahoma Joe Bronco drum smoker today. I love cooking chicken this way, especially because the smoker makes it so easy! I did a simple seasoning mix on this and then topped it with an Alabama White Sauce. It’s crazy to know how simple this recipe is, yet so extremely delicious! […]

Chicken and Scallion SkewersChicken and Scallion Skewers

May 14, 2021May 14, 2021
Chicken and Scallion Skewers

Who doesn’t love a good skewers recipe?! This Chicken and Scallion Skewers recipe is next level after being inspired by Japanese Yakitori! I cubed and marinated some chicken thighs overnight in a ginger, garlic and chili mixture for the most delicious skewers the following evening. I cooked them directly over some hot coals and finished […]