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Garlic Parmesan MusselsGarlic Parmesan Mussels

September 16, 2020September 16, 2020
Garlic Parmesan Mussels

One of my favorite things about seafood is that it is easy to make over the fire. Like shrimp or scallops, it requires some simple techniques to really crush it as a recipe, like these Garlic Parmesan Mussels. These mussels are bathed in a butter, lemon juice, garlic & white wine bath over the fire […]

10 Fire Cooking Gear Must Haves10 Fire Cooking Gear Must Haves

April 7, 2020April 7, 2020
Fire Cooking Gear Must Haves

For the past 3 years, I have been asked non-stop what pieces of equipment I love using and where people get them. Well, today I am finally answering your questions. While it might have taken me a while to pen this response, hopefully you will find all of these 10 Fire Cooking Gear Must Haves […]

BBQ Bootcamp at Alisal RanchBBQ Bootcamp at Alisal Ranch

June 5, 2019June 5, 2019
BBQ Bootcamp at Alisal Ranch

Getting out into the great outdoors for some grilling is all you need in life. A beautiful sunny day with nothing but local food, kiln dried wood and a massive grill to cook on sounds right up my alley! So why not make that happen in Southern California with a BBQ Bootcamp?   Sponsored by […]

Herb Butter American Lamb SteaksHerb Butter American Lamb Steaks

February 23, 2019February 23, 2019
Herb Butter American Lamb Steaks

Cooking lamb steaks has become one of my favorite meats to grill over fire. A lot of people sometimes forget how delicious American lamb can actually be! It is not “gamey” or different tasting. It is hearty, zesty and full of great flavor!   Post Sponsored by The American Lamb Board     It just […]

Rotisserie PicanhaRotisserie Picanha

February 15, 2019February 15, 2019
Let's start cooking!

Ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? They know how to cook meat over a fire! Well why not save the money and eat like a king at your home. At least, that is what I am trying to do! Introducing my new Rotisserie Picanha recipe cooked over hot Cowboy Charcoal. Tender and delicious picanha lathered in […]

Why I Cook Over FireWhy I Cook Over Fire

January 24, 2019January 24, 2019
Why I Cook Over Fire

Before we get to talking about why I cook over fire…   Did you know that there are actually 5 major flavors: sweet, salty, savory, sour & bitter.    We, as a species, have one of the most complex tastebuds, and yet everything in this world can be summed into 5 categories. However, as simple as […]