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Herb Butter American Lamb SteaksHerb Butter American Lamb Steaks

February 23, 2019February 23, 2019
Herb Butter American Lamb Steaks

Cooking lamb steaks has become one of my favorite meats to grill over fire. A lot of people sometimes forget how delicious American lamb can actually be! It is not “gamey” or different tasting. It is hearty, zesty and full of great flavor!   Post Sponsored by The American Lamb Board     It just […]

American Lamb Tacos Al PastorAmerican Lamb Tacos Al Pastor

September 27, 2018September 27, 2018
American Lamb Tacos Al Pastor

It’s tailgate season again, and I am stoked! Whether you are rooting for the home or away team, we all know that the best good luck charm for the game is a solid tailgate with some fire cooking. Now, most people choose to cook stuff that is easy like burgers & brats. These are both […]

Hanging Lamb LegHanging Lamb Leg

November 12, 2017November 12, 2017
hanging lamb leg recipe

Would you believe me if I told you that I found a meat that is more flavorful than prime rib? Just imagine the juicy tenderness of the most amazing meat you have ever had melting in your mouth. Now, what is it you ask? Fire cooked Hanging Lamb leg.   Post Sponsored by The American […]