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Donut Breakfast SandwichDonut Breakfast Sandwich

June 24, 2021June 24, 2021
Donut Breakfast Sandwich

This Donut Breakfast Sandwich is the triple threat of all breakfast meals: sweet, salty and savory! I haven’t done a breakfast recipe in a minute, so when a new donut shop opened up down the street I decided it was time to get back on that breakfast game! What’s the cherry on top of this […]

Elvis Smash BurgerElvis Smash Burger

June 7, 2021June 7, 2021
Elvis Smash Burger

Newsflash, it’s now June. June means summer, and summer means burgers! Today we’re coming at you with a new Elvis Smash Burger recipe! Does this recipe include peanut butter? Yes. Does it also include bananas? Yes! Before you turn your nose up at it just remember, this recipe was inspired by The King. You wouldn’t […]

Smoked Chorizo Armadillo EggsSmoked Chorizo Armadillo Eggs

May 21, 2021May 21, 2021
Smoked Chorizo Armadillo Eggs

Time for an egg recipe! However, this isn’t just any egg recipe. It’s a Smoked Chorizo Armadillo Eggs recipe, and ironically it doesn’t contain any eggs. I teamed up with Cowboy Charcoal to cook this Texan inspired dish to perfection. These “eggs” consist of a cheese stuffed jalapeno, encased in chorizo, wrapped in bacon and […]

Sriracha Bourbon Pork BellySriracha Bourbon Pork Belly

April 16, 2021April 16, 2021
Sriracha Bourbon Pork Belly

On the menu today is this epically delicious Sriracha Bourbon Pork Belly. Cooked over the fire in a cast iron wok, it is a spicy and sweet flavor combo that can be ready in only 15-20 minutes. Just make sure you grab some pork from Kansas Pork and the National Pork Board to guarantee you […]

Cheesy Onion Smash BurgersCheesy Onion Smash Burgers

March 12, 2021March 12, 2021
cheesy onion smash burgers

Short rib burgers?! Yes, please! Today we’re prepping for summer with a Cheesy Onion Smash Burger Recipe. Short rib patties with sliced onions smashed on top made the perfect cornerstone for this burger recipe. Then I added some spicy pepper jam to my toasted buns and topped it all with some bacon. Delicious is an […]

Spicy Maple Bourbon Candied BaconSpicy Maple Bourbon Candied Bacon

February 25, 2021February 25, 2021
Spicy Maple Bourbon Candied Bacon

If you ever thought that bacon could not get any better, then think again! This Spicy Maple Bourbon Candied Bacon smoked on the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker is out of this world. Glazed with a spicy maple syrup, covered in brown sugar, seasoned with bbq seasoning then smoked for an hour until caramelized. It […]