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Salmon Al Pastor TacosSalmon Al Pastor Tacos

March 2, 2022March 2, 2022
Salmon Al Pastor Tacos are served!

Nothing beats a fresh taco, and these Salmon Al Pastor Tacos are here to satisfy your cravings. Vibrant spicy sauce glazes the gorgeous salmon, while the pineapple and chiles roast directly in the coals. It all comes together on a corn tortilla. Don’t worry, this recipe makes enough for a crowd! Call them up and […]

Fried Pork Belly TacosFried Pork Belly Tacos

January 25, 2022January 25, 2022
Fried Pork Belly Tacos Recipe

These Fried Pork Belly Tacos are about to be your new favorite taco recipe. These tacos are made up of smoky homemade salsa, creamy and tangy avocado crema, and crisp-tender, perfectly spiced cubes of pork all folded into a warm tortilla.   Three incredibly delicious homemade components come together to form an even more incredibly […]

Chipotle Beer Steak TacosChipotle Beer Steak Tacos

January 19, 2022January 19, 2022
Chipotle Beer Steak Tacos Recipe

Any recipe that involves beer and steak is pretty much guaranteed to be a good one. These chipotle beer steak tacos are no exception.    This recipe came to be while my wife and I were staying in an RV on a camping trip in Colorado. Now, if I’ve learned anything during my time cooking […]

Cheeseburger TacosCheeseburger Tacos

November 1, 2021November 1, 2021
Cheeseburger Tacos

Cheeseburger Tacos are two classics merging together for a completely new dish. I took a dozen beef patties, seasoned them with my Tennessee Smoke seasoning, topped them with cheddar cheese and placed them on the trompo. I set these burgers next to the fire and rotated the trompo as they cooked. Next is where we […]

Campfire Quesabirria TacosCampfire Quesabirria Tacos

May 27, 2021May 27, 2021
Campfire Quesabirria Tacos

Nothing like these Campfire Quesabirria Tacos to brighten up a rainy day here in Nashville! For those unfamiliar, quesabirria refers to a braised meat with melted cheese typically served as a taco. I don’t see how a taco could get any better than that! I broke out my tripod and dutch oven to braise some […]