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Jalapeño Watermelon BBQ RibsJalapeño Watermelon BBQ Ribs

July 2, 2021July 2, 2021
Jalapeño Watermelon BBQ Ribs

Jalapeño Watermelon BBQ Ribs just in time for your 4th of July celebrations! I’ve seen a lot happening with watermelon lately, and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon but with my own spin. Today we’re pairing puréed watermelon with some pickled jalapeños for a pork rib glaze. This was a new, spicy tang for me […]

Smoked Honey Teriyaki RibsSmoked Honey Teriyaki Ribs

October 21, 2020October 21, 2020
Smoked Honey Teriyaki Ribs

Who else wants to crush some pork ribs right now. Smoky, savory and sweet all in one delicious bite sounds too good to be true. This weekend I conquered a new frontier in ribs on my Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker: the Smoked Honey Teriyaki Ribs. This was the first time I had ever tried that […]

Honey Chipotle BBQ Lamb RibsHoney Chipotle BBQ Lamb Ribs

July 26, 2019July 26, 2019
honey chipotle bbq lamb ribs

Ribs are one of the most classic dishes in fire cooking and barbecue, period. Smoky, sweet with some hidden flavors that seem to just melt in your mouth when you take the first bite. Well you have never had ribs like this before, because these are made with 100% American Lamb: introducing my new Honey […]

BBQ Lamb RibsBBQ Lamb Ribs

March 19, 2018March 19, 2018
delicious bbq lamb ribs

Tired of the same thing every Easter? Truth is that Easter is an exciting day to celebrate with family and friends! So why shouldn’t the food also be exciting? This year, instead of doing your traditional meal try my new Easter BBQ Lamb Ribs recipes.   Lamb has always been a staple-piece of Easter. From rack […]

Spicy BBQ Ribs RecipeSpicy BBQ Ribs Recipe

January 31, 2018January 31, 2018
spicy bbq ribs

Need something spicy to keep you warm while grilling this Super Bowl? Nothing can beat some good ribs for the big game! But, sometimes they need to have a kick to warm you up. My Spicy BBQ Ribs recipe will sure get you fired up before the Super Bowl. Add some Cowboy Charcoal & apple wood […]