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Sriracha Bourbon Pork BellySriracha Bourbon Pork Belly

April 16, 2021April 16, 2021
Sriracha Bourbon Pork Belly

On the menu today is this epically delicious Sriracha Bourbon Pork Belly. Cooked over the fire in a cast iron wok, it is a spicy and sweet flavor combo that can be ready in only 15-20 minutes. Just make sure you grab some pork from Kansas Pork and the National Pork Board to guarantee you […]

Loaded Pulled Pork QuesadillasLoaded Pulled Pork Quesadillas

March 24, 2021March 24, 2021
Loaded Pull Pork Tacos

Coming back at you with another pulled pork recipe! Remember that Pulled Pork BBQ Nacho Table Recipe I recently posted? Well, turns out two pork shoulders result in a lot of pulled pork! Today, I’m repurposing that pork with a Loaded Pulled Pork Quesadillas recipe! All you quesadilla lover’s aren’t going to want to miss […]

Pulled Pork BBQ Nacho TablePulled Pork BBQ Nacho Table

March 22, 2021March 22, 2021

This is a taco burrito conversation… Nat – chos… Get it? Y’all, I created the most delicious Pulled Pork BBQ Nacho Table recipe, and who doesn’t want a TABLE OF NACHOS! Spent the day smoking two pork shoulders that were ready just in time for dinner. Check this recipe out, you definitely don’t want to […]

Spicy Maple Bourbon Candied BaconSpicy Maple Bourbon Candied Bacon

February 25, 2021February 25, 2021

If you ever thought that bacon could not get any better, then think again! This Spicy Maple Bourbon Candied Bacon smoked on the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker is out of this world. Glazed with a spicy maple syrup, covered in brown sugar, seasoned with bbq seasoning then smoked for an hour until caramelized. It […]

Maple Cajun Smoked RibsMaple Cajun Smoked Ribs

February 18, 2021February 18, 2021
maple cajun smoked ribs

After falling in love with how Nashville Hot Chicken and Maple Syrup worked together on Chicken Lollipops, I decided to venture even further out with these Maple Cajun Smoked Ribs. Classically smoked ribs using the 3-2-1 cooking method, but this time we seasoned in Cajun Seasoning, used maple syrup instead of honey in the crutch […]

Hatch Chile Mezcal Pork TacosHatch Chile Mezcal Pork Tacos

February 1, 2021February 1, 2021

Taking our tacos to the next level with this Hatch Chile Mezcal Pork Tacos recipe! Anybody else up for cooking a pile of pork slices on a rotating spit? Me, always! Even if I have to manually rotate my spit. Get those coals burning and let’s get this fiesta started!   Hatch Chile Mezcal Pork […]

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Cheese FattyBacon Wrapped Jalapeño Cheese Fatty

January 22, 2021January 22, 2021
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Cheese Fatty

It is crazy to think that we are in 2021. While new years always bring new goals, I have constantly found myself wanting to expand my recipe writing abilities. This Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Cheese Fatty smoked on the Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker is exactly what I am talking about. Ground pork stuffed with cheese, […]

Fried Pancetta EmpanadasFried Pancetta Empanadas

January 11, 2021January 11, 2021

It was time that I took a stab at making more empanadas. Diced up some pancetta and sautéed that with jalapeños, garlic and onion. Added that to a bowl with cream cheese, more cheese and scallions to mix together for the empanadas. Even though I still have much to learn on the “sealing” method for […]

Parmesan Herb Pork Loin SkewersParmesan Herb Pork Loin Skewers

December 4, 2020December 4, 2020
parmesan herb pork loin skewers

Cheese is the key to life. It is so delicious and amazing, that it was hard not to make these Parmesan Herb Pork Loin Skewers. Using half of a pork loin, we made garlic herb marinated steaks that we skewered and cooked over the fire. Adding a dusting of parmesan cheese over top right at […]