With summertime in full swing, it feels like the right time for a round-up of my Best Smash Burger Recipes. Smash burgers are all the rage – and for a good reason. These flavorful burgers are the perfect way to get the crispy bits and juiciness you crave.

A close up shot of an animal style burger held next to the fire. Best Smash Burger Recipes Round Up.

These Best Smash Burger Recipes level up your traditional burgers in ways you may not have imagined before. My flavors are often fire-spicy and never dull, so buckle up!

Whether you’re grilling on a hot griddle or a cast iron pan, I’ll show you how to get the perfect sear and the juiciest burgers every time. Be sure to check out each recipe card below for the full recipe and all the juicy details.

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Why You’ll Love Each Smash Burger Recipe

Smash burgers are not just another way to cook a burger. They’re, by far, the best way to achieve the perfect sear that makes every bite unforgettable. By pressing the burger patties thin on a hot surface, you maximize the surface area in contact with the cast iron skillet.

Smashing and seasoning the patties for our smash burgers.

The result? Browned bits and succulent, crispy edges that will blow your taste buds away. Plus, with a slice of cheese melting over the top and a dollop of special smash sauce, you’ll feel like you’re dining at your favorite burger joint.

Did you know you can also make smash burger style tacos? Yeah… It’s as good as it sounds. Check out my Surf and Turf Smashburger Tacos and Chorizo Smash Tacos to see what the hype is all about.

A close up shot of a double stacked patty.

Cooking Tips for the Best Burgers

Beef Patty Basics

  • Choose the Right Meat: Start with the best beef – a pound of ground beef can make about 3 double patty burgers. I like to use lean ground beef. I’ve found it actually holds together better than a fattier blend. Equal portions is key; divide it into equal-sized tight meatballs for even cooking.
  • Preheat Your Skillet: Whether you’re using a cast-iron skillet, cast-iron griddle or a non-stick skillet, make sure it’s scorching hot before adding your burger meat. Medium-high heat is perfect for achieving that crispy sear.
  • Smash It Right: Use a sturdy spatula or a burger press to smash the balls of beef into thin patties on the hot surface. You can use the handle of a second spatula to apply extra pressure. Smash for 1-2 minutes for those perfect crispy edges.
  • Season Generously: Of course, season the patties with one of my signature seasonings (in the killer beer cans). Or, keep it simple with some black pepper, garlic powder, kosher salt and then a small amount of yellow mustard for that classic burger flavor.
  • Invest in Parchment Paper: Importantly, use a sheet of parchment paper between the meat and your spatula or press to prevent sticking and to help in the smashing process.

Add flavor to everything you’re cooking

shop over the fire spice lines

go the extra mile

  • Cheese, Please: Place a slice of cheese on top of each patty while they’re still sizzling on the grill. Melted American cheese is always a great option for that gooey goodness.
  • Make a Special Sauce: While ketchup and mustard are classic, a special sauce is a must-have condiment. If you want to stick to simple ingredients, mix a homemade smash sauce in a small bowl—equal parts mayonnaise, ketchup, and a dash of pickle juice—to spread on your toasted buns.
  • Don’t Forget the Buns: The right choice of burger bun can make all the difference to your finished burger. Brioche buns, pretzel buns or potato buns are my personal favorites—they hold up well to the juicy burger patty.

My Favorite Smash Burger Recipes

cheesy onion smash burgers

Cheesy Onion Smash Burgers

Thin, crispy beef patties topped with caramelized onions and melted cheese deliver a savory and mouthwatering burger experience.
View Recipe
Animal Style Burgers assembled and served.

Animal Style Burger

Animal Style Burger for an In-N-Out experience right at home.
View Recipe
Grilled Cheese BBQ Cheeseburgers assembled and ready to devour.

Grilled Cheese BBQ Cheeseburger

Another burger inspired by Five Guys, you get the best of a grilled cheese and a cheese burger all in one.
View Recipe
Au Cheval Burger served open faced so you can see the fried egg.

Au Cheval Burger

Au Cheval Burger
View Recipe
BBQ bacon burgers fully assembled with onion rings.

BBQ Bacon Burger

This BBQ bacon burger recipe takes the dish to new levels with Sam Adams beer-battered onion rings, making for a delicious summertime dinner.
View Recipe
Chili Cheese Smash Burgers plated and ready to eat.

Chili Cheese Smash Burger

Juicy beef patties with spicy chili and melted cheese, creating a robust and flavorful burger that's perfect for chili lovers.
View Recipe
A Jalapeño Popper Smash Burger being held by the fire.

Jalapeño Popper Smash Burgers

Spicy jalapenos, creamy cheese and juicy beef patties help create a deliciously fiery and savory burger experience.
View Recipe
Oklahoma Onion Burgers are ready to eat.

Oklahoma Onion Burger

Thin, crispy beef patties smashed with sweet caramelized onions create a perfect blend of savory and sweet in every bite.
View Recipe
Cooking cowboy candy slices in the sugar syrup.

Cowboy Candy Smash Burger

Cowboy candy is a freakin' delicious way to turn fresh jalapeño peppers into a savory, sweet treat that is perfect for topping burgers.
View Recipe
A Beer Cheese Smash Burger after being dipped in the cheese.

Beer Cheese Smash Burgers

Juicy beef patties topped with rich, creamy beer cheese and crispy bacon, deliver a hearty and indulgent burger experience.
View Recipe
Peanut Butter and Jelly Smash Burgers plated so that they can be served.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smash Burgers

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smash Burgers
View Recipe
Elvis Smash Burger

Elvis Smash Burger

For a unique Elvis-inspired twist, this burger recipe pairs juicy beef patties with creamy peanut butter, crispy bacon and caramelized bananas.
View Recipe
Three Steakhouse Smash Burger lined up and ready to serve.

Steakhouse Smash Burgers

Juicy beef patties, a tangy steak sauce and crispy onions create a rich and savory gourmet burger.
View Recipe
a western bbq burger held over a fire

Western BBQ Burger

This Western BBQ Burger is a crispy beef patty on a bun topped with cheese, bacon, beer-battered onion rings, pulled pork, and BBQ sauce.
View Recipe
Flying Dutchman Smashburger recipe is a grilling masterpiece served with tater tots.

Flying Dutchman Smashburger

This recipe features juicy beef patties with crispy edges, melted cheese and a tangy homemade sauce, offering a bold and flavorful twist on the classic smash burger.
View Recipe
ready to eat some bacon cheeseburger

Twisted & Smashed Bacon Cheeseburger

Juicy beef patties, crispy bacon and a twist of spicy jalapenos are topped with melted cheese for a bold and flavorful burger.
View Recipe
Chorizo Smashburger Recipe

Chorizo Smashburgers

Spicy chorizo with juicy beef patties, topped with melted cheese and zesty salsa delivers a smash burger packed with bold, vibrant flavors.
View Recipe
Poutine Burger assembled so we can start eating!

Poutine Burger

The Poutine Burger, when burgers, fries and gravy come together as one.
View Recipe
Surf and Turf Butter Burger

Surf and Turf Butter Burger Recipe

Surf and Turf Butter Burger Recipe for a fist full of deliciousness!
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The McRib Burgers ready for serving.

McRib Burger

The McRib Burger is here and we're giving those two golden arches a run for their money!
View Recipe

What to Serve with the Perfect Smash Burger

No good smash burger is complete without the right toppings and sides. Serve ’em up with crispy French fries or onion rings for a traditional diner experience. Top your burgers with dill pickles, red onion slices and then more of your favorite toppings for that ultimate burger experience.

Topping a smash burger with sautéed onions and jalapeños.

Leftovers & Reheating Smash Burgers

If you somehow manage to have leftovers (which, let’s be honest, is unlikely), store your leftover patties and buns separately in the fridge for up to 3 days. When you’re ready to reheat them, preheat a large heavy skillet over medium-high heat, add a small amount of oil and then reheat the patties for about 1-2 minutes on each side. This helps maintain that crispy texture.

FAQs for Smash Burger Recipes

What is the best type of meat to use for smash burgers?

For the best smash burgers, use ground beef with a lower fat content, such as an 90/10 blend. This ratio ensures the burgers remain juicy and flavorful while also staying intact and achieving those delicious browned bits that are essential for a great smash burger.

How do I prevent my smash burgers from sticking to the pan?

To prevent sticking, make sure your skillet or griddle is preheated to a scorching hot temperature before adding the meat. Additionally, a small amount of beef tallow can be added to the pan for extra non-stick assurance.

Can I make smash burgers without a cast-iron skillet?

Yes, you can make smash burgers without a cast-iron skillet. While cast iron is preferred for its excellent heat retention and ability to create a crispy sear, a heavy-bottomed non-stick skillet or a stainless steel pan can also be used. Just make sure the pan is preheated well to then ensure the best results.

Happy grilling and let me know in the comments which smashburger recipe is your favorite!

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