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Sriracha Bourbon Pork BellySriracha Bourbon Pork Belly

April 16, 2021April 16, 2021
Sriracha Bourbon Pork Belly

On the menu today is this epically delicious Sriracha Bourbon Pork Belly. Cooked over the fire in a cast iron wok, it is a spicy and sweet flavor combo that can be ready in only 15-20 minutes. Just make sure you grab some pork from Kansas Pork and the National Pork Board to guarantee you […]

No Bake Bourbon Apple CrispNo Bake Bourbon Apple Crisp

January 16, 2019January 16, 2019
No Bake Bourbon Apple Crisp

When I go camping and RVing with my family, we make everything over the fire. We grill steak, veggies, potatoes and more. We even heat up our cider with mulling spices to stay warm over the fire. It’s always the best dinners in the world. By the time dinner is over though, I start to crave […]

Bacon Wrapped BBQ Jalapeño PoppersBacon Wrapped BBQ Jalapeño Poppers

June 28, 2017June 28, 2017
jalapeno poppers on the grill

So, you’re hosting a party for 4th of July. This is a huge step for all of you grillers out there.   Time to start planning. Its pretty easy to come up with the main courses like steak, hot dogs, and burgers (come back on Saturday for my 4th of July burger recipe). But what about appetizers? […]

BBQ Maple Bourbon RibsBBQ Maple Bourbon Ribs

June 16, 2017June 16, 2017
BBQ Maple

Everything goes better with alcohol: beer & grilling, wine & Wednesdays, or whiskey and meat. So why not try that with fire cooking?     Introducing my new BBQ Maple Bourbon Ribs using Cowboy Charcoal BBQ Sauce & Apple Wood Smoking Chips. Full of delicious flavor, these ribs will be a surefire hit with your next […]