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Smoked Leg of LambSmoked Leg of Lamb

November 19, 2021November 19, 2021

Smoked Leg of Lamb for your next family gathering. I teamed up with Oklahoma Joe’s to bring you a simple, yet delicious centerpiece option for your upcoming holiday gatherings! Seasoned with my Lemon Chili Rye seasoning and smoked on the Oklahoma Joe’s Bronco Drum Smoker, this leg of lamb turned out incredible. It’s tender, juicy, […]

Barbacoa Lamb TacosBarbacoa Lamb Tacos

August 6, 2021August 6, 2021
Barbacoa Lamb Tacos

Barbacoa Lamb Tacos are the triple threat of deliciousness: tender, juicy and packed with flavor! I spent the afternoon braising lamb in a plethora of seasonings, broth and even a homemade guajillo and ancho chili paste! While I was at it, I decided to char a few tomatillos for some salsa and even pickled a […]

Baked Lamb EmpanadasBaked Lamb Empanadas

July 21, 2021July 21, 2021
Baked Lamb Empanadas

Baked Lamb Empanadas with a whipped feta dipping sauce are out of this world! This was another recipe that simply didn’t make it inside because my wife and I ate it so quickly. Fresh American Ground Lamb was the foundation piece of this whole recipe. I seasoned and cooked it before adding it to an […]

White Wine Herb Lamb SkewersWhite Wine Herb Lamb Skewers

March 16, 2021March 16, 2021
Herb Lamb Skewers

St. Patrick’s Day, here we come! Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? We definitely do in my family, so for this year’s celebration I made a White Wine Herb Lamb Skewers with Mint Chimichurri recipe. I cut a rack of lamb into two bone sections and marinated them overnight. Placed them on some large skewers […]

Smoked Lamb CrownSmoked Lamb Crown

December 23, 2020December 23, 2020
smoked lamb crown

There are not many recipes that are quite the stunner like this Smoked Lamb Crown. It is beautiful, intriguing and actually super easy to make. The first key is grabbing some American Racks of Lamb. Got these locally in Nashville supported by the American Lamb Board, then began prepping to make the crown. It is […]

Rosemary Garlic Lamb ChopsRosemary Garlic Lamb Chops

October 8, 2020October 8, 2020
rosemary garlic lamb chops

This Rosemary Garlic Lamb Chops recipe is out of this world good. Don’t believe me? Just ask my wife! We have made it 3 times since I wrote this recipe. Find out some of my tips and tricks below to make it amazing.   Getting a Good Crust on Lamb Chops   Everyone is always […]

Harissa Rack Of Lamb Kebabs RecipeHarissa Rack Of Lamb Kebabs Recipe

February 26, 2020February 26, 2020
Harissa Rack of Lamb Kebabs

It is Lamb Lovers month, and I am pairing with the American Lamb Board to kick it off with some Harissa Rack of Lamb Kebabs! This delicious skewered meat is marinated in a North African inspired homemade harissa seasoning paste that is sure to give you a nice heat with some zesty citrus finish.   […]

Lamb Al AsadorLamb Al Asador

October 28, 2019October 28, 2019
Lamb al Asador Recipe

Lamb al Asador is a classic South American cook that consists of lamb being flayed and hung on an asado cross over open pit fire. This show stopping way of cooking is a centerpiece in Argentina. It is associated with guacho/cowboy styles of living; and is one of the core main dishes for every aspiring […]