Over The Fire Beef Recipes

Braised Osso BucoBraised Osso Buco

November 25, 2020November 25, 2020
braised osso buco

Whether you accidentally forgot to de-thaw your turkey or just want something different this year, this Braised Osso Buco recipe is for you. Using either veal shanks or beef shanks, we are going to simmer over low heat this delicious and tender dish. Cooked in a myriad of awesome ingredients, it will be falling off […]

Savory Steak and PotatoesSavory Steak and Potatoes

November 13, 2020November 13, 2020
Savory Steak and Potatoes

Sometimes, it’s just hard to beat the classics: Savory Steak and Potatoes done in a simple way for a fast and delicious meal. With a side of homemade steak sauce, this cast iron skillet never looked so good.    My Favorite Kind of New York   The NY strip is one delicious cut of meat […]

BBQ Brisket NachosBBQ Brisket Nachos

November 5, 2020November 5, 2020
bbq brisket nachos

My wife and I get asked all the time what we do with all the food we cook. There’s only the two of us in our family, so it’s a safe assumption that we can’t eat ALL of the food we cook. Luckily, we have lots of extended family and friends that live close by […]